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Caring for your tools

Most of our sharp tools are made from carbon steel - this means they will, through regular use, stain (and eventually rust) and gradually lose their edge. Caring for them involves two things - keeping them clean, and keeping them sharp.

Keeping them clean:

- scrape off leaf resin and gunk
- if necessary use water to rinse off, then dry thoroughly. There's nothing wrong with a scrubbing brush and washing up liquid.
- rub over with a Crean Mate and Camellia Oil to remove any last gunk
- wipe over with Camellia oil and store in a dry place

Keeping them sharp:

New tools won't need sharpening for some time, but after a while you'll notice them gradually lose their edge, especially if you're box clipping (you need REALLY sharp blades to get a good finish with box). Use the Niwaki, Shapton or Okatsune Stones for best results. See the video clips on the product pages.

-sharpen Secateurs every couple of weeks
-sharpen Shears and Topiary Clippers EVERY TIME you use them - the difference is amazing

Blade Care:

Smooth blades, whether they be Secateurs, Shears, Pocket Knives, Axes, Hatchets, Loppers, Nata or any other, all have their limits. Japanese steel is hard and sharp, and can be more brittle than some people are used to. It will chip if abused.

Do not cut wire, metal, stone, plastic or any other hard material. Even bamboo fibres and some very hard woods, especially knots and burrs, can damage steel edges.
Do not twist or apply uneven pressure.
Do not blame us if you damage the blade. Blades chip or crack through misuse or bad luck, neither of which are covered under the warranty!

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