Tripod Ladders & Platforms

3 Legs… Wide Base… No Wobble… The safest, most stable and most practical garden ladders around.

Niwaki Tripod Ladder • Niwaki Image

Niwaki Tripod Ladder

Described by Monty Don as one of his five favourite… From £159.00

Rubber Feet

Set of 3 rubber feet for use on hard ground with the Niwaki… £25.00

Platform Tripod Ladder • Niwaki Image

Platform Tripod Ladder


Niwaki Voucher • Niwaki Image

Niwaki Voucher

Niwaki Vouchers - your Get Out Of Jail Free card. Add as… From £10.00

Adjustable Work Platform • Niwaki Image

Adjustable Work Platform

  Great new adjustable platform for use around the house… £99.00

Niwaki Tree Ladder • Niwaki Image

Niwaki Tree Ladder


Incredible stability, even on slopes and raised beds: Cleve West, The Independent.

These aluminium tripod ladders are used all over Japan by gardeners and nurserymen. Our customers include tree surgeons, topiary specialists, head gardeners, orchard owners, hedging contractors and landscapers, as well as countless keen gardeners who all appreciate the stability and practicality of the tripod design.

The wide base, deep steps and telescopic back leg, as well as clawed feet and flat top make them incredibly safe and easy to use. Rather like in the design of the Eiffel tower, your weight is directed downwards and outwards, pinning the ladder to the ground.

The back leg adjusts quickly and easily up to 2' in 6" stops with a spring-loaded pin, extending 6" and shortening 18" for use on slopes and steps. How flat is your garden?

Welded, extruded aluminium construction: weatherproof, strong, and very light. Double rungs are easy on the feet, and don’t get muddy or slippery.

We import directly for our Japanese manufacturer, Hasegawa Kogyo in Osaka, and keep stock of all models in our warehouse in Shaftesbury. Hasegawa have the reputation for making the best quality and safest tripod ladders in use today - their production conforms to JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards.) Ask any gardener in Japan which ladders they use and they all say the same thing: Hasegawa. All our ladders have full safety and user instructions included as factory fitted stickers.

See the range above: The Original Tripod Ladder and the Platform Tripod Ladder with a convenient platform step.

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