Tobisho Shears

Price: £365.00

P00032: Please note this item is currently out of stock


Prepare to be amazed. 8" blades of finest blue paper Hitachi steel from Yasuki in Shimane (if that means nothing to you, don't worry - it simply means it's the best quality steel available) coupled with handles of Magnolia obovata, make these absurdly light and beautifully balanced.

The blades are curved, which stops leaf resin building up on the insides- the blades are only ever in contact with each other at the point of cutting, so they never get clogged up with green gunk. Absolutely perfect for box clipping, cloudpruning and niwaki work- but not great for hedges or straight lines!

Stunning quality and craftsmanship- even the squared nails used instead of rivets are hand-forged.

These are hand made to order, and although we keep small numbers in stock, please expect a wait. But it's worth it.

Total length 28"


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