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15 May 2014

Tobisho Secateurs Back in Stock

Why are the Tobisho Secateurs always out of stock? Well, actually, right now, they aren’t - we’ve just got some in - but being hand-forged, they take a fair bit of time to make, and Tobsiho have a constant backlog of orders to fullfil. Here’s an insight into their production process, from when we visted in April.
Right now they are a five man team, three older generation - the boss Mr Tobitsuka, his brother and one other, and two younger guys (Tobitsuka’s son and nephew). That’s it. In a very dark (all Japanese smithys are dark, I found out) and noisy workshop.
The Secateurs we buy go through 40 individual processes from a piece of steel to the finished thing. They work in batches, heating, pressing, hammering and bashing, quenching, grinding, sharpening, polishing, assembling, checking, and at some point, crucially, dunking in green slop.
Green Slop
Where it all begins
These are part of our stock - if you order a pair in the next few weeks, you’ll get one of these. Be quick!
Mr Tobitsuka and his son.

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