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0845 RANT

We’ve been having problems with our 0845 number recently. Well, we haven’t been having problems, but the supplier has. Just not working. This happened once before, I got in a huff and swore when it next happened we’d ditch them. So this time action was called for. Unfortunately they weren’t very forthcoming with transferring our number to another supplier, so we now have a new phone number, 0845 474 1041, courtesy of MACACE, who, like their computery namesakes, just work. They are a mac only broadband supplier based in Cornwall and are fantastic. Barry, Gary, Kevin, Piers (although actually he’s left now)....Thank You.
So - apologies if you’ve been trying to call us recently and not got through (we’re laid back enough about office hours as it is) but now things seem to be working again, and messages get emailed to my phone minutes after they are left.
Meanwhile, here are some nice piles of strimmed Equisetum arvense, snapped on my phone.

Strimmed Mares Tail