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Niwaki Walnut

10 October 2010


We’ve been running an offer today, to acknowledge the nice symmetry of the date, for all our subscribed customers. An extra element was a little freebie to anyone who got their order to us online at exactly 10.10am. Ladies and gentlemen.... we have a winner. Well, two seconds early actually, but if their broadband is anything like ours that is pretty good.
If you feel left out, as a blog reader who hasn’t already subscribed, we’re extending the offer a bit. Enter blog in the promo bar when you make an order, and...we’ll make it worth your while. Offer runs out pretty soon though, so don;t hang about. BUT- why not subscribe and then you wont miss out on future offers. We promise not to flood you with emails ( in fact we’ve only sent two this year) and you can unsubscribe whenever you want.
Here is a picture of some walnuts.